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Entrepreneur Commons provides funding and peer support for entrepreneurs who agree to adhere to the following principles:

  • Entrepreneurs are building social businesses in the broad sense of the term (for profit but not maximizing profit), as defined by Muhammad Yunus in his book "Creating a World without Poverty": "The presence of our multi-dimensional personalities means that not every business should be bound to serve the single objective of profit maximization. And this is where the new concept of social business comes in". Bo Burlingham in is book "Small Giants - companies that choose to be Great instead of Big" calls these businesses Small Giants, or "mojo companies".

  • Entrepreneurs agree to collaborate through self help groups, the goal is to build long term relationships.

  • The focus of the group is on Abundance/Generosity (your success is my success) rather than Competition (winner take all), we want to bring the human back into the process.

  • Success is measured through statistics: the goal is to achieve minimal default rate on loans overall to guarantee the sustainability of the group.

  • Decisions are mostly done through a voting mechanism.

  • The system is controlled by a "benevolent dictator": we are all adults and are expected to work out issues as they come up, with no complex system of rules trying to address every possible exception but rather general principles as defined in this manifesto with management of escalations on a case by case basis.

The Entrepreneur Commons is a blueprint: anyone can use the brand as long as they follow the basic principles upon which the model is built, and share their experience with the other chapters so that all can benefit from the various local efforts.