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Good news on Crowdfunding from Jenny Kassan (Head of Oakland chapter @ Katovich Law Group)

posted May 15, 2010, 11:02 AM by Marc Dangeard
Related to Indiegogo and fundraising, it is great to see that Jenny Kassan and her co-conspirators successfully raised the money that they needed to draft a petition for Rulemaking proposing to legalize crowdfunded securities, $1000 raised through crowdfunding on Indiegogo:

From the Indiegogo page:
Securities law lets you gamble your retirement on investments conveyed through the all-controlling financial system, but you can’t invest $50 in someone
you actually know personally, in order to help them start a small business, write a book, make a film, build an iPhone app or develop a new product that you believe has commercial potential.

You can find out more here: