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Disappointing beginning for Startup America Partnership

posted Mar 18, 2011, 5:35 PM by Marc Dangeard   [ updated Mar 18, 2011, 5:44 PM ]
Almost one month after the announcement of the Startup America Partnership I watched yesterday the webinar that was supposed to tell us everything about what is going on. Except so far there is not much coming out, and most of all no transparency in the process. The whole thing is managed by the Case Foundation and Kauffman foundation, we know that much. But then how can you participate? 
If the government is asking for help from the people on the ground, how do we make sure that the Partnership is actually representative of the community of entrepreneurs? 
Several people asked the question during the webinar, and the answer was that you are welcome to send an email, but it is not clear who reads it and what they do with it. Maybe you will be invited and maybe not. 
We can give the Partnership the credit that it is still early in the game, and that they need to get organized before they can open the door to newcomers, but let's hope they will get to this issue faster rather than later. Pushing a few initiatives that somebody somewhere has decided are worth spreading is a very elitist approach to the issue rather than the democratic process that all entrepreneurs deserve. And there is enough work to be done that we can include everybody in the conversation. So the sooner it happens, the better.