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Bubbling up from Entrepreneur Commons chapters: Alana Lea and RainforestECO

posted May 15, 2010, 11:00 AM by Marc Dangeard   [ updated May 15, 2010, 11:07 AM ]
While we are getting traction and seeing the creation of new chapters in various places, as announced in our previous news update, we are also seeing entrepreneurs with very interesting projects starting to emerge from these chapters.

One such entrepreneur is Alana Lea, who is working on RainforestECO (disclosure: I like the project so I am now involved in helping more directly).

Alana is a botanical artist whose beautiful watercolors and digital collages are in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Britain, and has been exhibited at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of Natural History.

Alana is now based in San Francisco where she launched RainforestECO, a social venture dedicated to raising awareness on the most diverse and endangered tropical rainforests on the planet: Mata Atlantica –the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. RainforestECO allows women to make a fashion statement by wearing beautiful shawls and scarves and become ambassadors of the rainforest (ties are coming soon, so men will be able to participate too). When you wear RainforestECO accessories, you are not just wearing beautiful clothes, you are also advocating for planting trees in the rainforest. And you are participating in the solution: in addition to raising awareness, RainforestECO also send a portion of the profits to replant the rainforest in Brazil through RainforestECO Bank a micro-loan organization there. Fabrics are organic, ethically traded and sourced from Brazil, so buying these products will help lift a complete ecosystem of artisans and farmers, we are talking triple bottom line!

If you like the idea, please consider becoming an ambassador:
Alana is also raising funds through Indiegogo to buy fabrics so that she can start selling her products on a larger scale. You can also help her there: