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Architecture for large scale deployment

posted May 15, 2010, 11:04 AM by Marc Dangeard
As we announced in our previous news update, we have a goal of 300 chapters by May 1st, 2011. In order to scale we need the right infrastructure that will allow us to empower chapters locally while allowing the consolidation of some of the data into the meta-network. One technology that would allow us extreme decentralization is the open source software developed by the Appleseedproject - : the ability to share updates and documents with groups, but based on an architecture.
If you are aware of other technologies that would allow a decentralized deployment, please let us know (

Until all this is fully baked we started using to communicate more publicly:

A big thank you to Alessandro Daliana, Christophe Ducamp and Fabio Barone who have offered to help with this infrastructure effort.