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Entrepreneur Commons was founded in May 2008 by Marc Dangeard, consultant at Dangeard Group, and managing partner at Melcion Chassagne & Cie, after he had witnessed the limits of the existing system when it comes to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. We need to move from hunting & gathering and scarcity thinking  to farming and abundance thinking!

As Muhammad Yunus says:

"Capitalism takes a narrow view of human nature, assuming that people are one dimensional beings concerned only with the pursuit of maximum profit. The concept of the free market, as generally understood, is based on this one-dimensional human being. Mainstream freemarket theory postulates that you are contributing to the society and the world in the best possible manner if you just concentrate on getting the most for yourself. […]

The presence of our multi- dimensional personalities means that not every business should be bound to serve the single objective of profit maximization"

Entrepreneur Commons is a platform to support entrepreneurs through self-help groups and loans. The fund is managed by a not-for-profit social network of entrepreneurs - a support platform that can scale, and that also provides a way to screen deals, based on inclusion of every entrepreneur into the process rather than exclusion through a competitive process. It is especially useful to social entrepreneurs, for whom the regular funding processes do not really work. And it simplifies the investment decision for social investors because success can easily be measured - when the beneficiary businesses are social businesses and loans (with rates that can be benchmarked against market returns) are paid off, then the social investor can be satisfied that he has done his part.

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